How we started

Notice was inspired by our personal experiences and frustrations with the inefficiencies of traditional scheduling. Having worked in the service and logistics industries, it became clear to us that while the need for scheduling had increased over time, significant improvements to how it’s done had not. So, instead of accepting the status quo, we set out to create an innovative and impactful solution that is affordable and easy-to-use.



We identified that the lack of timely updates throughout the appointment lifecycle leads to inefficiency and frustration.



As both business owners and customers, we had the unique perspective of understanding both sides of scheduling.



We set out to reimagine scheduling to fit how we prefer to interact and communicate today.

How we’re different

While other scheduling solutions manage appointments by merely assigning time slots, we view appointments as journeys, with valuable data points along the way.

  • Scheduling
  • Confirmations
  • Status Updates
  • Arrival Tracking
  • Appointment Details
  • Completion
  • Data Captured

By capturing and analyzing performance data, Notice can provide valuable insights to improve scheduling accuracy to reflect real world performance.

Smarter scheduling

Notice provides seamless and timely appointment confirmations, reminders and status updates that empower users to “wait smart,” allowing them to optimize their most valuable resource…their time.