Start taking online appointments in minutes

Step 1

Create your profile

Step 2

Set your availability

Step 3

Start taking appointments

How it works

Clients can easily schedule based
on your availability.

Clients receive SMS confirmations
& status updates.

Share your calendar.

Track your performance.

Set up simple rules for
your workflow.

Optimize your
scheduling for accuracy.

Smart features

Scheduling has never been faster or easier. Notice provides everything customers need to conveniently schedule and track their appointments with your business.

Status updates

SMS confirmations and status updates to your customers.

Directions & arrival tracking

Turn-by-turn directions and timestamped customer arrival notifications.

Review site integration

Include your Yelp and Google Reviews accounts to your appointment tracking pages.

Powerful integrations

Google Calendar

Leverage the power and functionality of Google Calendar.

Google Maps

One-click directions to your business.


One-click linking to your reviews on Google.


One-click linking to your Yelp page.

We make it easy for your customers to conveniently track their appointments, arrive and leave you great reviews directly from their appointment tracking page.

Seamless communication

We teamed up with and to create a truly seamless and reliable communication experience that provides convenience to both you and your customers.

Easily share your availability

On your branded landing page

Via email or text. On social media. QR code.

Link from your website

Simply add a link to your branded landing page on your existing website,blog, Linktree or any other web platform you promote on.

Embed into your website

Embed your calendar to your existing website to allow customers to schedule appointments directly from your website.

Smarter appointments

Eliminate the confusion and back-and-forth with our innovative appointment tracking system.

You can easily add custom notes, meeting links, payment links and links to documents and webforms that allow customers and participants to conveniently access and track their appointments from one place.

Customers can schedule appointments online in 20 seconds.

See for yourself.